Homemade Onion & Garlic Salt


Dehydrated: 1015 sweet onions, fresh  garlic  ground fine and mixed with ground Celtic salt



1015Y Texas Super Sweet Onions are Texas’s most famous onions and are also some of the sweetest! It’s called the 1015Y in honor of the ideal date to plant the seed (Oct 15th), and Y stands for yellow. Whether you are a novice or beginner, the Texas Super Sweet Onions are the perfect onion to add to your garden. They have an off-white flesh and are very sweet and flavorful, excellent for salads, slices, grilling, and cooking. 1015Y Texas Super Sweet Onions are known for their great flavor and large size, disease resistance, and very little pyruvate (which is that substance in onions that makes you cry like a baby when you are cutting them up). Under the correct growing conditions, you should produce good yields of 6″, sweet, yellow onions.

Fresh garlic hand-peeled dehydrated and made into power

Celtic salt is a type of sea salt that originally became popular in France. … Celtic salt offers trace amounts of minerals and is a bit lower in sodium than plain table salt. Summary Celtic salt has a light grayish color and is quite moist. It is made from seawater and contains trace amounts of minerals.

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